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The current economic climate has many families concerned about the stability of their careers. With their futures uncertain many women have turned to one of their favorite hobbies that make money – the hobby of shopping. Becoming a commission-based consultant has become a popular source of additional income.

Today’s consultant opportunities aren’t the Avon of our mother’s era. When a woman of today begins her search for a consultant position she can start with her favorite shopping experiences. If she loves decorating her hearth and home she may decide to work with PrincessHouse or PartyLite. If she loves decorating herself she may look into Stella & Dot. Whatever she enjoys, the growing popularity of this business model means she’ll likely be able to search online and find a company that fits her passions.

Of course, any intelligent woman would know it’s not all about the enjoyment of the products. It’s also about the perks. She must first decide whether she’s willing to “buy in” to a company, or if she’d like a company that provides a starting kit for free. Next she must look at the commission rates to ensure her needs are met. Is she looking for a part or full time career? And finally, does the company provide their representatives with any extra perks? Many companies provide their consultants with products at a discounted rate, special editions, and bonuses based on sales volumes. PartyLite even takes their consultants on a free annual cruise.

With every business opportunity comes drawbacks. The main drawback for consultant work is the risk of not making sales. However, the success of a consultant is based on their personal networking skills. If a consultant can attract more “party hosts” (i.e. customers to hold a sales meetings in their home) they will attract more sales. A second drawback can be pressure from the company to make sales, however these tend to be superficial pressures and may be overlooked if the consultant chooses to take a more laid-back approach.

When today’s woman looks for additional income she has options. From home goods to jewelry,  there are plenty of hobbies that make money for women.

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